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Tradition and innovation

Rettenmeier Mühle is a third-generation family business currently headed by Markus and Claudia Rettenmeier. We combine tradition and experience with innovative concepts, regional purchasing and state-of-the-art production facilities to satisfy the high quality demands of customers and consumers.

Flour loading system upgraded to increase output and efficiency.

Alliance formed with Saalemühle Alsleben GmbH. New grain silo built with grain intake, cleaning and secondary product loading. Wheat milling output increased from 160t to 240t per day.

IFS certification by TÜV Süd quality authority as of 2008. IFS certification is more stringent, replacing ISO 9001:2000.

Rettenmeier Mühle certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000, following the HACCP concept based on Germany’s food hygiene regulations. New rye mill built to separate the previously combined milling facility into two independent systems for processing wheat and spelt in the one, and rye in the other. Additional warehouse for groats and trading goods.

Current mill facilities built in the Heiligenfeld industrial estate as old premises in Horb am Neckar town centre did not allow for further expansion.

Additional mill built over the mill canal for additional production capacity.

Second large flour and grain silo built to accommodate steady growth in operation due to many minor extensions.

Mill canal moved away from mill building; watercourse only used for power generation with a heavy-oil engine to drive the machines.

Horb am Neckar mill purchased by Gregor Korherr, farmer. Mill powered by a water wheel with watercourse diverted from the Neckar river via a mill canal.