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Our range at Rettenmeier Mühle

We at Rettenmeier Mühle manufacture flour and baking mixes from wheat, rye and spelt for according to generic and custom specifications. We purchase durum and organic quality products from our own selected suppliers. Wheat germ, dust-free flour (dusting flour) and other specialised flour types are available from our trading partners.

Core range: wheat, durum, rye, spelt

  • Food grain (whole grain), groats, dunst, flour, cereals, wheat germ
  • Concentrates, pre-mixes and ready mixes for bread and buns

Order form for download [PDF]

Organic range: wheat, durum, rye, spelt

  • Organic grain (whole grain), groats, dunst, whole-wheat flour, white flour, cereals
  • Organic baking mixes
  • Öko-Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006

Order form for download [PDF]


We supply small private bakeries and large industrial human food and animal feedstock manufacturers mainly located in the southern and south-western part of Germany and the Alsace region of France.

We have a highly versatile state-of-the-art fleet to rise to the trickiest of shipping challenges in delivering the amounts ordered – in combination with more varieties if requested – at the time you need them. Our largely automated and computerised order management system minimises delivery errors.