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Consulting services

Consultation and active support

A wide variety of factors play a role in the quality of baked goods, foods and animal feedstock from field to fork (or feeder as the case may be), so we provide active support and assistance to our suppliers from agriculture and our customers in processing our products.

For our agricultural partners

  • Questions on variety selection, soil preparation and management, and sowing
  • Ideal fertilisers and pesticides, irrigation to match local land and weather conditions
  • Harvesting times with intermediate storage as necessary
  • Shipping issues
  • Quality assurance and certification

For our customers

  • Market-oriented product development and efficient production processes: We have the knowledge and experience of our partners to draw on for market analysis and raw materials testing
  • Avoiding production downtime: We have the capacity to troubleshoot in our own labs and provide alternative deliveries from our partners if needed
  • Marketing and press relations: We work together with our partners and professional associations to ensure an appropriate response to critical media coverage on pesticides and similar