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Close relationship with agriculture

The biggest part of over 90.000 tons annual milled wheat, rye and spelt we get from Baden-Württemberg. Rettenmeier Mühle supports agricultural producers in the preferred growing region in all quality-related issues such as variety selection, soil management, sowing, fertilisation, pesticides, harvesting, shipping, quality assurance and certification.

Cultivation must comply with a jointly agreed understanding of quality and defined quality philosophy – forbidding, for example, spreading sewage sludge onto the fields. Agricultural production structures in our region are small-scale, so intermediaries such as BayWa and rural trade play an important role in raw materials acquisition, warehousing and deliveries to the mill according to demand.

Quality assurance measures in purchasing

  • Given suitable harvesting conditions, regional products with certificates of origin in the quality required always take absolute priority over grain from other parts of Germany or the EU.
  • Accurate raw materials quality testing and selection before storage
  • We purchase trading goods such as durum and organic products from suppliers that apply the same approach to quality