Our assortment

We produce milled products and baking mixtures from wheat, rye and spelt according to standard and individual customer specifications. Our product assortment also includes hard wheat and organic products, as well as wheat germs, low-dust flour (dusting flour) and other special flours produced by our partners who share our philosophy.

Our conventional grain assortment:
soft wheat, hard wheat (durum), rye and spelt

  • Food grain (whole-grain), meals, semolinas, dusty middlings, flours, flakes and wheat germs
  • Concentrates, premixes and ready-mixes for breads and buns
  • Spelt brown flour and wheat brown flour

Our organic grain assortment:
soft wheat, hard wheat (durum), rye and spelt

  • Organic farm grain (whole-grain), meals, semolinas, dusty middlings, whole-grain flour, superfine flour and flakes
  • Organic farm baking mixtures
  • Eco-inspection point DE-ÖKO-006

Our logistics and who we supply

Rettenmeier Mühle supplies craft bakers, craft-oriented shop bakers, large-scale bakeries and industrial producers of food and feed with high-quality grain products. Our sales area includes the region of southern/south-western Germany, the Alsace region of France and neighbouring regions.

Our modern fleet, which belongs to the mill, puts us in a position to cater to customer wishes and different order quantities in a very flexible way. We coordinate just-in-time deliveries of different varieties to precisely match the production processes of our customers.


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Order contacts

Diana Haas

Telephone: +49 7451 5502-14
E-mail: dhaas@rettenmeiermuehle.de

Nevin Yüksel

Telephone: +49 7451 5502-12
E-mail: nyueksel@rettenmeiermuehle.de