We love flour.
Welcome to southern Baden-Württemberg.

Grain is everything we are, have and do

At the beginning was the kernel. We devote all our attention to its origin – the raw material of flour in all possible product facets. The purity of our flours, meal, semolinas, flakes and mixtures of wheat, rye and spelt are our absolute top priority.

Today, Rettenmeier Mühle is a modern, yet traditional family company. We’re one of the most important raw material suppliers and innovative service providers to craft bakers and food/feed producers in Germany. With every fibre of our company, we support the needs of our customers and partners, i.e. farmers and agricultural dealers.

From Horb am Neckar in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg, we supply the southern and south-western regions of Germany and the region of Alsace in France. We also look beyond the horizon and are extending our “freshness radius” if it’s in accordance with our commitment to quality and our customers desire it.

What sets us apart from other providers?

It’s the way we think and act. Consumers expect quality, but this can only be met if we’re able to offer a quality concept which covers the entire value-creation chain – from the field to the plate and on a daily, continual and sustainable basis.
To make this happen, we depend on a fully-developed raw material policy, state-of-the-art technology and customer-oriented service at all times. We want you to be able to improve your products, processes and quality assurance measures with our help.

We do our best to win over and thrill our customers and partners through our milling

Compromises are out of the question:

  • When purchasing raw materials from our partners, preferably from the southern Baden-Württemberg region
  • In supporting our customers in product development, processing, quality assurance and marketing
  • When cooperating with strong partners in the milling industry in exchanging experience and expertise, in expanding and shaping our assortment and in joint association work

What do our customers make with our high-quality raw materials, ingredients and mixtures?

  • High-quality baked goods, snacks and convenience products
  • Innovative feeds which contribute to the well-being of animals
  • Organic milled products
  • Products made of hard wheat also available through our mill association partners.