From a water mill on the Neckar River to an innovation-conscious milling operation

Today, Rettenmeier Mühle is led by Markus Rettenmeier (the third generation), combining tradition and experience with innovative concepts. Regional purchasing, state-of-the-art production systems and our own logistics meet the high quality standards of our customers and consumers.


Construction of 4 new wheat silos with a capacity of 2,900 tons each.


Dieter Rettenmeier transfers company management and ownership to the third generation, Markus Rettenmeier.


Cooperation with the Bindewald & Gutting milling group begins. An additional silo for grain and after-products with grain receiving, modern cleaning and after-product loading is constructed.


The entire milling plant is relocated to and commissioned in the industrial region of Heiligenfeld in Horb.


The mill is taken over from Dieter Rettenmeier. An additional mill building is constructed.


The Herber art mill is taken over by Lorenz Rettenmeier.