Consulting means partnership and active support

A host of factors determine the quality of bakery products and both food and feed. We stand ready to assist our customers, who further process our products, and our suppliers, who create the basis for all our products.

Together with our farmers, we have more than just a supplier relationship – we engage in a true partnership and support them by

  • Answering questions on variety selection, soil preparation and management and seeding
  • Helping them select the optimum fertilisation and crop protection strategy
  • Aiding in the selection of the optimum harvest date and, if applicable, intermediate storage.
  • Transport questions
  • Quality assurance and certification

We support our customers by

  • Helping them develop market-oriented products
  • Aiding them in perceiving opportunities for increasing the efficiency of their production processes
  • Providing important facts regarding corporate identity
Hidden Akkordeon
Farmer and customer contacts

Markus Rettenmeier

Telephone: +49 7451 5502-10

Felix Holocher

Telephone: +49 7451 5502-15

Christoph Blattert

Telephone: +49 7451 5502-0

Contacts for baking-related technical questions and sales

Margot Benz

Mobile phone: +49 160 90528547

Herbert Decker

Mobile phone: +49 177 4130 119
Fax: +49 7843 97203

Peter Goyk

Mobile phone: +49 171 4957467
Fax: +49 7442 123199

Heinz Jauch

Mobile phone: +49 151 55021507

Birgit Kück

Mobile phone: +49 151 55021505

Heike Siebert

Mobile phone: +49 177 4130116

Klaus Steiner

Mobile phone: +49 151 55021506

Ernst Zeug

Mobile phone: +49 152 51850364