100% quality and traceability all the way back to the field

Rettenmeier Mühle processes 100,000 metric tonnes of grain annually. To produce top quality milled products on this scale, we use only high-quality, inspected raw materials. Our quality requirements demand a purchasing policy calibrated to uncompromising quality. We’re an advocate of close cooperation with the agricultural sector.

Supported by state-of-the-art GPS-capable technology, for example, we strive for a maximally minimising strategy with each action we take in the field. Naturally, we also consult with our farmers and are always exchanging knowledge with them. We’re following a clearly stated goal: to make the production of food more sustainable and resource friendly.

Rettenmeier Mühle stands for long-held family tradition. Naturally, we also put our many generations of accumulated experience in the balance and refine it with state-of-the-art technology. As well, we supply downstream industries and craft bakeries solely using our mill’s own fleet of vehicles. It’s only natural to us, just like having our application engineers advise our customers.


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Christoph Blattert

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E-mail: cblattert@rettenmeiermuehle.de