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Quality from field to fork

We process around 90,000 tonnes of grain a year at Rettenmeier Mühle. Raw materials account for around 80% of the quality of the final product, so we apply a thorough quality-oriented purchasing management system while supporting our suppliers in quality assurance.

We use state-of-the-art technology, extensive experience, the utmost hygienic standards and constant quality assurance in our own labs to ensure that our products have the qualities required for further processing by bakers and food manufacturers.

We provided our customers with support in every aspect of quality assurance in processing – this is important to us as our success relies to a large part on the success of our customers. We think outside the box, acting in professional and industrial associations in the field for production standards that are far more stringent than the statutory requirements – standards such as the Verband Deutscher Mühlen (German milling association) hygiene policy that we have adopted at Rettenmeier Mühle.

Special quality assurance facilities

  • Fine raw materials quality testing and selection before storage
  • High number of cells for quality differentiation as a solid basis for consistent quality levels
  • Colour sorters for compliance with legal limits for ergot
  • Blending raw materials for consistent product quality
  • Continuous quality testing on intermediate products
  • Regular monitoring for any pests by subcontracting pest control specialists
  • Annual thermal denaturation in the whole mill (toxin-free, highly effective pest control)
  • Continuous quality testing on final products
  • Delivery to the processing industry and private bakeries using our own fleet only