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Why you should choose Rettenmeier Mühle

It takes a quality assurance system that encompasses the whole value-added chain from field to fork to provide the high levels of quality that consumers have come to expect.

We are a family business with a long history of personal commitment to the interests of our customers and partners in agriculture; our first priority is to ensure a reliable supply of goods in the quality ordered. We apply tried and trusted raw materials management, state-of-the-art technology and flexible services to support our customers in optimising their products, processing and quality assurance:

  • We purchase our raw materials from commissioned agricultural partners in the southern Baden-Württemberg region wherever possible.
  • We provide support for our customers in product development, processing, quality assurance and marketing.
  • We have strategic alliances with major names in the milling industry for sharing know-how, extending product ranges and pooling marketing activities.

We have small private bakeries as well as major industrial human food and animal feedstock manufacturers mainly in southern and south-western Germany and the Alsace region in France as customers. They process flour, wholemeal, groats, and blends of wheat, rye and spelt into high-quality baked goods, snacks and convenience foods as well as animal feedstock, and our partners also supply milled products in organic quality as well as products made from durum.