The “HeimatÄhre” regional concept

Our HeimatÄhre quality programme stands for

  • Regional and transparently produced baked goods
  • High quality and freshness
  • The use of flour from regional, traceable grains – wheats up to 100% from Baden-Württemberg
  • The use of flour with the best baking properties
  • Grain from resource-friendly, sustainable agriculture

Together with our regional farmers, we accept responsibility for contributing to the protection of nature and the preservation of biodiversity. The grain we use is grown in compliance with best practice principles. To support our partners in a professional way, we use our own consultants who also accompany growing of the grain from seeding to harvest in the field.

Now we’re going one step further:

Our pilot project for preserving biodiversity is creating living space. Together with our partners, we’re creating large flower patches which remain in tact well past the harvest.